Will Stahl Interview about the Future of Squad


Will Stahl Interview about the Future of Squad

Games24: Hello Will Stahl! Welcome to our Games24 interview!
Will Stahl: Hello Games24! Greetings to all German Squad Players!

Is it true that we will have private squads – so you can lock your squad?
Yes, coming up with Alpha 9.6 you will have the option to lock your squad.

Is it also true that FOBs don’t get points passively anymore?
Yes, FOBs are no longer generating ammo- and construction-points by themselves.
So every logic truck is now much more important.

NEW_usarmy_patrol_desert.png © Offworld Industries
(C) Offworld Industries

What are the major changes coming in with Unreal Engine 4.16?
For us UE 4.15/16 it is a big step forward. For every studio it’s an essentially question what platform to choose. It’s quiet hard to say what are the most important changes. The really great thing about this update of Unreal Engine 4.16 is that it helps us improving view-system and the new audio-part we look forward to integrate in our game-engine.  We expect more stability concerning different issues. We plan to work the next 8-10 months on bringing in the possibilities of Unreal Engine 4.16 to Squad.

When the new maps (Falluja/East-European) will be released?
We are proud to announce the release of our new Map Narva with Alpha 9.6 - So you can play it this weekend already! Falluja is a much bigger thing. We working hard on Falluja and it is high priority to us, but it takes more time before you guys can play it.

narvaaasv1.jpg © Offworld Industries
(C) Offworld Industries

Will be Helicopters, Fighting-Jets a part of Squad in future?
Bringing in helicopters into the game is really much work. It’s not the coding or the 3D-Models that cost so much time, but the graphic tasks that make it such a big thing.
But we will introduce Transport Helicopters in the future. But I cannot say when they will come to the game.

Are there new Sniper-Classes or new Factions planned?
We want to support the community to create their own mods for squad in the future. So I think many of these things will be coming from the community. But there is also new faction coming in – but I cannot say more about this.

When will be release of Alpha 10 - will this be final release?
Alpha 10 will not be the final release. When Squad is getting out of Alpha we still have some big plans to work on. We love our trademark but we also have great ambitions to also start new projects in future.

NEW_rusarmy_marksman.png © Offworld Industries
(C) Offworld Industries

Are there any more vehicles coming?
Yes, there will new armoured vehicles coming. But I am sorry I cannot give you more information about that.

Will there be a vehicle lights system for night-maps?
I think that’s something we will not see.

Will there be something like fireteams inside a squad or something higher CO / XO ?
We talked about that often. So it’s in discussion but there is much more in the pipeline so we will see.

NEW_usarmy_scout2.png © Offworld Industries
(C) Offworld Industries

Destroyable Environment?
Yes, coming in with the new update 9.6 we have all components you can put on the map as squad leader – can be destructed by the enemy. So sandbags, bunkers and so can and will be destroyed by heavy weapons bombardment.

Are Bi pods coming?
Yes, also planned with release of Alpha 10.

Will sneaking be possible?
We are discussing that – but not sure.

Is some kind of Game Player Lobby planned?
We want to make it easier to players to find a good squad lead. Also with Alpha 9.6 we make private/locked squads possible. There are many more ideas we are working on to make it easier to play with friends and help new players to get into the game.

Narva_8.jpg © Offworld Industries
(C) Offworld Industries

Will be Altitude-Information coming to Maps?
That’s a big design question. It’s a matter of design value and feature value.
So it’s something we think about. But I am not sure if something more happens here.

Tank Traps & Flashbangs?
Tanks Traps are possible addition maybe in future. But Flashbangs are not that important to us and the community – I think.

Last Question: What do you think about PUBG? Played it?
It’s an awesome concept. Lot of our developers love to play it. From my point I like games when there is competition and teamwork together. So when our Modders start working on Mods for Squad, I think we may see some Arena- and Survival-Mods for Squad very soon.

Narva_2.jpg © Offworld Industries
(C) Offworld Industries

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