Giovanni Trapattoni


Trapattonis irre Antrittsrede in Irland

Giovanni Trapattoni, der mit seiner "Wutrede" - "ich habe fertig .." in die Geschichte einging, ist wieder zurück!

Bei seiner Antritts-Pressekonferenz in Irland übertraf sich "Trap" offenbar selbst. veröffentlicht die ganze Rede, die wahrscheinlich genauso wie die weltberühmte "Wutrede" aus München in die Geschichte eingehen wird.

Gleich zu Anfang entschuldigte sich der Kult-Trainer für seine "noch nicht ganz ausgereiften" Englischkenntnisse:

„I apologize, my English is not good. I'm sure in the future I will speak better.“

Das gesamte Protokoll der Rede:

„I am in trust and...I saw Marco Tardelli and Liam Brady, they are my assistant, they were very good players for me and many years ago, but they also are too very experience and know...footballmen. There are also fitness coach Alan Kelly, Frank Stapleton and Mick Martin. We need, we must work together. I can continue in Salzburg, my president said I think about you for oder two, three years, but I had offert every month für a new jobs oder Nationalteam and Italien.

I don't want to come back Italien, because I know Italien, Italien is very, very difficult and... your collega, the press, no, no, is normal, I live again with critiche, is very important.

When Don Givens calls me „Giovanni, there is that opportunity, Giovanni, is eine good opportunity, the team is good, the players are good and is eine große challenger.“

I am sometime impulsive, I say what I think, but I think also one hundred. When I answered to this OK, I had immediately eine great enthusiasm in to me. Many players plays in England, England is very important in England, Frances, Italien, Spanien, Deutschland, they are stark, they are hart.

And I think with this jung is good to match and eine oder with experience, Dunne, Finnan, Given, Carsley, Keane.

We have to trust, the team understand. Not quickly, I change no a lot, it is very dangerous to change a lot, I have experience, it is impossible to change in one or two games, I think with the good performances, good players and organisation we have that great possibility to qualify. I am trust.